Football, Affected by Bexit, in the United Kingdom


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According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Brexit is expected to take place by January 31, 2020 at the latest.

With the departure of Great Britain from the European Union and the sport on the island will suffer.

At the top of the list will be even "the royal sport", the football teams in the United Kingdom are going to seriously reduce players from the European Union countries and beyond.

Thus, a large part of the footballers currently active in the British Isles will automatically become non-EU players after Brexit.

In addition, according to a law, the number of non-EU football players in a team will be limited, in order to give young players the chance to grow in the UK.

In this case, about half of the team will be made up of footballers raised in the UK, which would affect, according to the daily "AS", about 65% of the foreign players currently in England.

For this reason, there is a real fight between the English Football Federation (FA) and the Premier League.

The first is supported by the Boris Johnson government, while Premier League representatives are dissatisfied with the new law, which would seriously affect the transfer market.

Also, the financial market in football will be seriously hurt, and the clubs in the Premier League are skeptical that the "new wave" of young local players will fill the huge "gap" left by experienced footballers from "Old continent".

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