France faces another day of mass protests on pension reform on Tuesday


France faces a Tuesday a new day of strikes and demonstrations against the reform of the pensions of Macron, after the success of the mobilizations of last Thursday – 800,000 protesters, according to the Government, and a million and a half, according to the General Confederation of Labor (CGT).

The protests, which began on December 4, have caused the collapse in the transport system from big cities like Paris, with crowded meters and suburbs.

The unions that oppose the reform of the pensions of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, pressure rise this Tuesday with demonstrations and stoppages in public services that are coming to add to the public transport strike which began last Thursday and It will last at least until the weekend. These protests are intended to "block and paralyze" Paris.

After a meeting on Friday, the CGT-FO-Solidaires-FSU unions have called a demonstration that will begin in the French capital at 13:30 local time (12:30 GMT) in Vauban Square and it will end in the Denfert-Rochereau square.

"They have not measured the degree of social unrest in our country and it is better that they respond a little faster, "said Catherine Perret, representative of the CGT.

The eve of the presentation of the reform

The unions that demand the withdrawal of the Macron project expect to show once again with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets that public opinion is still mostly against, on the eve of the presentation by the prime minister, Edouard Philippe,the detail of reform.

The project will be presented on Wednesday under the pressure of a massive strike on the railways and the metropolitan transport that will continue. The prime minister, who said then that the transition period towards a point pension system could be longer than originally planned, warns in statements to local media that he is determined to take the reform "to the end".

Because "if a deep, serious and progressive reform is not done now, tomorrow will come another that will make a brutal, truly brutal". Although he admits he has no hope that his appearance on Wednesday to end strikes. "I don't believe in magic ads."

The objective of the protesters is to force the Government to reverse in this reform, whose main stated objective is Unify the 42 existing pension schemes in a point system in which each euro quoted during the professional career gives the same rights for retirement.

New chaos for the transport strike?

This morning at 8:00 local (7:00 GMT) on the access roads to Paris there were nearly 400 kilometers of traffic jams, a level much higher than the usual 300 on a Tuesday at that time, but lower than the 620 that had been reached the day before. A level of traffic jams that may mean fewer problems traveling on public transport.

The truth is that during this Tuesday only 20% of high-speed trains (TGV) and commuter trains in Paris, 30% of regional trains (although mostly replaced by buses) and on international lines, circulate, for example all connections with Spain and Italy remain suspended.

In fact, the strike of the transport sector that is taking place this Saturday in France has forced to cancel two flights originating at Alicante airport and destination Paris-Beauvais and Marseille.

This is what Aena has indicated in their social networks. Alicante flights are the only ones that have had to be canceled at the moment: For this day, there were 217 flights with origin in Spain and destination France of which, at 14.00 hours, 89 were operated.

The air traffic controllers' strike has forced companies to reduce their flight program with origin or destination in the large French airports during the day at least 20%.

The director of the commuter service of the National Railroad Society (SNCF), Alain Krakovitch, reiterated the message to travelers who can so that give up showing up at the stations "for security reasons" taking into account the expected strong influx and the few trains available.

Speaking to the station France infoKrakovitch acknowledged that although there will be some supplementary trains on Wednesday, "the situation will be difficult until the end of the week" by unemployment.

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