Gay bachelor Luca Trapanese and Alba, his daughter with Down syndrome, have become Instagram stars


Luca Trapanese is a 42-year-old man from Naples, Italy, who became known in the wake of adopt Alba in July 2017. The little girl of only 13 weeks of age had Down syndrome, had been abandoned by her mother and rejected by 20 families, so the story of this Catholic gay and his daughter has gone around the world.

Luca poses smiling with her daughter Alba.

Trapanese always wanted to adopt a disabled child with his partner and, although they broke up, he did not stop trying. In Italy, single parents could not adopt, but at the beginning of 2017, that changed and could enter the lists. "They told me that they would only give me children with illnesses, severe disabilities or behavioral problems, a child who would have been rejected by all traditional families, "he explained. And then, Alba came into his life.

More than 2 years later, it is seen that the girl grows happy and healthy and both form an enviable couple. "It completely revolutionized my life. Now everything revolves around it. It brought me happiness and a feeling of fullness. I'm proud to be your father. It was never my second option. I loved her, "said Luca, who has changed her life in many ways thanks to her daughter.

In November 2018 he published Cream per tea, a book in which he narrates his experience as a father. And their social networks have also changed, because now it's all a influencer with more than 177,000 followers on Instagram, where he shows his life with Alba and his many beneficial actions.

And Luca Trapanese is wearing working with disabled children since adolescence and in 2007 he created A Ruota Libera Onlus, his own non-profit association so that the little ones can socialize and develop their talents.

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