Green ties and sustainable lobster at the reception that the kings have offered to the leaders of the COP25


Philip VI on Monday he has called for leadership and determination to the heads of State and Government attending the Madrid climate summit to fight against the climate crisis because he believes that there is still time to avoid global warming but there is no longer time to doubt the adoption of measures.

The king has released this message in his speech at the Reception that he has offered with the Queen Letizia in the Royal Palace to the assistant leaders to the COP25 of Madrid as well as to the heads of the delegations that participate in this event.

A thirty heads of state and government (including the president of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, accompanied by his wife, Begoña Gómez) and a hundred other representatives have been present at this reception held hours after the opening of the UN-sponsored summit, organized by Chile and held in Madrid in the face of the internal situation in the Andean country.

In the case of the Heads of State and Government there has been a greeting from the kings with a brief inn with each of them. Thus, presidents such as that of the Royal Palace have passed through the Gasparini Hall ArgentinaMauricio Macri, (who has transferred memories of his wife, Juliana Awada, to Don Felipe and Doña Letizia); Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández; Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado; Ecuador, Lenin Moreno; or the elected president of GuatemalaAlejandro Giammattei.

Also the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres; he Prince Albert of Monaco, The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Pietro Parolin, the first Portugal minister, Antonio Costa, or the one from Morocco, Saadeddine Othmani.

The opposition leader has also been present at the event, Pablo Casado; the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso; the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and various entrepreneurs whose firms are committed to the environment. Both the king and several of his guests have worn green ties in a nod to the goal of the summit,

Sustainable cocktail

The kings have greeted each of their guests at the reception, which has offered a Cocktail adjusted to sustainability criteria of the summit and prepared by the Chef Paco Roncero. Thus, it was possible to taste organic salmon, national lobster with olive oil soup, beef brioche, corn with guacamole, shrimp tortilla, Tudela artichokes with trout roe, steamed mussels with seaweed, green asparagus with boletus, Galician ox or oxtail croquettes.

"No border can protect us from the effects of climate change. We must act with leadership and determination. Yes, there is still time, but there is no time to doubt; yes, there is hope, but also a lot of work to be done and it is very possible that several generations will be needed to achieve it ", the monarch has stressed before all of them.

Environmentally friendly development

In its speech, Almost entirely in English, the king has remembered the motto of the summit, "It is time to act," and stressed that the Paris Agreement It should guide efforts against climate emergency. To this end, it has appealed to each of those who, in one way or another and to the extent of their responsibilities, have the ability to guide and facilitate the change towards a development model that is respectful of the environment and compatible with the limits of the planet

"The fight against climate change represents a golden opportunity and we must seize the occasion," he added before stressing that ecology and economics are not incompatible, but quite the opposite. In line with this, he stressed that climate ambition is the impulse to achieve a cohesive society and a competitive economy that leaves no one behind.

For the king, it is clear that the most vulnerable people are the most affected by the impact of global warming, aggravating the risks and Causes of social inequality, poverty and hunger.

Speech in "portuñol" by António Guterres

The confidence of Chile and the UN for Spain to host this summit has been especially grateful for the king, who has highlighted the country's commitment to facilitate a constructive dialogue and address together the fight against climate change as one of the greatest challenges to those facing humanity. Too a praised the work done by the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, who has intervened in the act to express his conviction that the Madrid summit will be "a success" despite recognizing that "complex" negotiations are coming.

In its speech in "portuñol" (a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish), he has insisted on his call to governments to "change with more urgency and ambition their commitments in climate action" and achieve the level of zero emissions in 2050.

In "the road to victory over climate change", Guterres has stressed that Spain has to play "a particular role" in defining the policies and guidelines necessary to move towards a green economy.

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