Greta Thunberg, named Person of the Year by 'Time' magazine


The Greta Thunberg activist has been named Person of the Year by the magazine Timefor his fight against climate change. The publication dedicates the cover of his latest issue, in a photo taken on the coast of Lisbon.

The 16-year-old Swedish teenager has grabbed media attention in the last year for her fight for the environment. It was the driving force behind Fridays for Future movement, which promotes the student strike every Friday to pressure governments to do something against climate change.

Greta Thunberg, during the plenary of the Climate Summit in Madrid.

Since last week, Thunberg is in Madrid to attend the Climate Summit. He arrived in the city after a long trip across the Atlantic by catamaran (he does not take airplanes because he considers it to be too polluting transport) that landed in a port in Lisbon last week.

Days later, he traveled to Madrid to participate in the March against Climate last Friday and attend several of the acts of COP25.

This Wednesday also participated in the meeting, in which he said that "rich countries are the first they have to do their part in the fight. "

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