"He is so alpha male that he feels he is his"


Tony Spina and Makoke met in the last edition of Big Brother VIP and her engagement began after the contest, when she had already separated from Kiko Matamoros after 20 years of relationship. However, both continue charging against the collaborator from Save me, where the Italian model has intervened this Wednesday to comment on the feelings of the Tertullian.

In a telephone interview, Spina said that Matamoros would still think of his ex-wife, despite showing off his relationship with Marta López Álamo: "It may be that he is no longer in love, but, like it or not, like him is so alpha male feels that Makoke is his ", has valued.

Makoke and Kiko Matamoros in an intimate moment in 2017.

On the other hand, he assured that the collaborator believed that, after Makoke passed through reality, both would reconcile: "That's why he defended her so much," he said. In this sense, the interviewee added that the Tertullian was surprised that Makoke was able to "rebuild his life": "She has recovered excellently, it's totally independent. "

"I think Makoke it has been the love of his life and he will not overcome it ", Concluded the former Oriana Marzoli, which has caused the laughs of the Mediaset space collaborator: "A program like this, five hours, has to have its share of humor, it seems fine," he joked on the set .

After the words of the Italian, Matamoros has made it clear that his girlfriend, with whom he began his love story a year ago, has given him at this time "many more satisfactions than other loves in many years".

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