Health withdraws lots of the Clear Blue pregnancy test from the market due to instructions failures


The Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, through the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) has withdrawn nine lots of Pregnancy Test from the marketClear Blue Digital with indicator of Weeks-1CT, because they have been manufactured and distributed with incorrect instructions for use.

As the Aemps said on Tuesday through its network of alerts, specifically the affected lots They are MSP947 / 1SA, MSP948 / 1SB, MSP946 / 1SB, MSP944 / 2SB, MSP943 / 1SA, MSP944 / 1SB, MSP947 / 1SB, MSP950 / 2SA, MSP950 / 2SB.

In all cases the instructions for use provided are related to a Clear Blue Pregnancy Test for visual reading. whose results must be interpreted with the observation of blue lines and its comparison with the examples in the instructions for use.

On the contrary, in the correct instructions for use that should have been provided with the product, the result is expressed directly on the digital display of the product with the words 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant'.

These products are distributed in Spain through the company Procter & Gamble Spain and the company has sent a warning note to report the problem detected to the pharmacy offices to which it has distributed the affected lots that includes the actions to follow for proceed to remove and replace them.

Thus, the pharmacy offices that have any of the affected lots were advised to withdraw them from the sale and contact the company for return while the users who have acquired them were recommended to access the correct instructions for use through the official ClearBlue website and, in case of doubt, contact your Clearblue customer service center.

On the other hand, he reminded them of the possibility of going to the pharmacy office where they purchased the product for replacement for another batch with the correct instructions.

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