How many motorcycle cards are there? Keys and changes to understand permissions


Motorcyclists have something more complicated than cars to get their driving license. Apart from that There are several types and the practical exam modalities are diverseThere are some discordant voices (such as ANESDOR) with this system since it duplicates the tests, makes the cost more expensive and makes it difficult to obtain the permit.

The first thing to understand the keys in obtaining motorcycle permits is to know how many types of cards are there and what bikes are they for?. In summary, each patent is related to the technical characteristics of the motorcycle, its engine, power and maximum speed.

An 18-year-old man was arrested in Malaga for driving a stolen moped, without a license and with a minor escape from his home as a companion.

A) Yes, the most basic license is the AM (the old moped license). The minimum legal age required is 15 years and only mopeds can be driven. The next permit on the scale is the A1, with which you can drive motorcycles (now yes) up to 125 cc and for this you must be 16 years old.

Then It is followed by the well-known A2, which is obtained with 18 years and with which you can drive a motorcycle of any displacement but with limited engine power and speed (approximately 48 hp and maximum 70). Finally, card A arrives, with which there is no type of limitation neither of power, nor of displacement nor of speed. To obtain this permit you must be over 20 years of age and have at least two experience with the previous card.

One of the measures could be the mandatory driving with gloves, both in the city and on the road.

Certainly, there is a bit of confusion in this whole system of cards. For more inri, if you have a car license, driving license B, for more than 3 years, automatically It is legal to drive a motorcycle up to 125 cc, which would be equivalent to an A1 card.

In addition, according to the changes introduced this year, to obtain the permit it will be necessary to wear all the specific clothing for motorcyclists when examining. In addition, the route will be loaded on a GPS and the route will no longer be indicated by “pinganillo”, as it was done until now.

The BMW C 650 GT has an 80 horsepower engine

For the lowest permissions, AM, A1 and A2 sIt will be mandatory to attend at least 6 hours of class practice. It should be noted that motorcycle practice exams are divided into closed circuit and open circuit on the road. The prices of these practical classes may vary, but around 30 euros for the first type and 45 for the second. To this final price we must add the traffic rates, which range from 30 to 90 euros depending on the exam permit and the issuance of the license.

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