"I don't deserve to charge less for having breasts"


Serena Williams She has once again ruled on salary equality in sport, especially in the world of tennis, in which she is one of the best in her history.

"I feel we all deserve what we deserve. I deserve to be paid the same amount. I don't deserve less because I have breasts and they don't", he said, in an interview with 'Tennis world USA'.

Megan Rapinoe, captain of the United States soccer team, after the World Cup final in France.

The winner of 23 Grand Slams considers that he must have an income at the level of the male tennis players, given his history and medal winners: "All my life has been dedicated to being a top-level athlete, and they shouldn't pay me less for my sex, "he insisted.

"I worked just as hard since I was three years old. Actually, I have a picture on a court where I am in a baby carriage, so even more time, "adds the former WTA number one, to show that he has spent his entire life dedicated to tennis.

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