"If they leave the language, I include invented things"


This Thursday, the Provincial Court of Burgos sentenced three Arandina soccer players to 38 for jail for having committed a sexual assault against a minor from Aranda de Duero in November 2017. Just two days later, they have leaked some audios of the young womanpick up ABC.

According to these audios, the young woman refers to the facts and says that she is willing to include "invented things" if the players "get out of the tongue". "They know the consequences," the young woman would have said.

Within four days a small event will be held to find out if all three players are already in prison (the claim of the Prosecutor and the private prosecution) or not, as requested by the defenses of the players, who will appeal the ruling before the TSJCyL.

One of the defendants, Carlos Cuadrado, had already warned that "things are going to start leaking: her messages to her friends from 'nobody has raped me, I have not been raped, they are going to load it, I'm going to start lying more about the account … '; now is when they are going to start filtering because I will always be an equal fighter for women but I think that we are being screwed everywhere by now and we have to change this. "

350 people demonstrate in favor of former soccer players

About 350 people, According to local and national police sources, they have concentrated on Saturday afternoon in the Plaza Mayor of Aranda de Duero (Burgos) to express their rejection of the sentence.

The protest, convened through social networks, began at 6:00 pm with the presence of relatives and relatives of two of the three former players of the doomed Arandina Football Club, Raúl Calvo and Carlos Cuadrado 'Lucho', with banners against "false allegations" and requesting "fair justice" as well as respect for the presumption of innocence.

Family members have read a manifesto, and a letter from Carlos Cuadrado's parents, While they have declined to make statements to the media.

In the manifesto, they regret that the court that has sentenced to 38 years in prison to each of the three accused of a crime of sexual assault committed against a minor, aged 15, has taken into account as the main evidence the testimony of the complainant.

The text read also considers that in this case not only the principle of innocence has been violated but also the right of defense "because despite testimonies and evidence they have not been able to prove their innocence", since, in their opinion, they have been rejected or not taken into account.

Family members believe that the conviction of the three defendants (Raúl Calvo, Carlos Cuadrado and Víctor rodriguez 'Viti') is a consequence of public pressure and the desire to impose exemplary punishment.

"Everything we are living is very hard for us. I never thought it would have to be here and so," said a cousin of Raúl Calvo after reading the manifesto, and then thanking them for the support they are receiving and has said that them "It gives strength to keep fighting."

The girlfriend of Carlos Cuadrado has also intervened to read in the name of the father of the sentenced a letter in which he describes the judicial decision as "incongruous", and "to please the media pressure".

They have been "two horrific years, both our children and our families and relatives, emotionally and economically and affecting our health, "he added.

The girlfriend of Carlos Cuadrado, before those present at the rally, has criticized the possible request for immediate entry into prison of the defendants remembering that they have been signing for 1 and 15 of each month "always punctual" and "With your accounts to zero. It's not fair."

Although another concentration was also convened by social networks at 6:00 p.m. in Zamora, where one of the damned residesFinally, the protest has not been carried out.

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