In England they point to Simeone as next Arsenal coach


He Cholo Simeone not going through its best moment in the Atlético de Madrid, that march sixth in the LaLiga after falling against Barcelona and has suffered several setbacks in the Champions League. That is why in England they speculate with the end of the Argentine era in the mattress set and its possible leap to the Premier League to direct to Arsenal after the dismissal of Unai Emery.

Griezmann, next to the image of Simeone in the halls of Wanda.

Atlético's numbers are the worst that are remembered since Cholo took the reins of the first team, a factor by which media such as Mirror also you are linked to other teams, As the Manchester United or the Everton, which keep the tightrope at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Marco Silvarespectively.

After the dismissal of Emery, Arsenal is in the hands of former player ‘gunner’ Fredrik Ljunberg until the club finds a substitute that returns the team to the high zone of the Premier.

Atlético moves card

The poor results of the team, together with the interest of other teams in the possible signing of Simeone, led Atlético to develop a plan to cover the backs, which contemplates Mauricio Pochettino as the main candidate to replace Simeone in case there is a relay on the bench, according to OK Diario.

Pochettino was stopped by the Tottenham recently and fits with Atlético's future plans, according to the aforementioned medium.

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