Injured hiker is rescued in the State of Mexico


A person who suffered an accident and injured a leg while climbing the Iztaccíhuatl volcano was rescued by personnel of the High Mountain Rescue Specialized Unit of the Mexican Red Cross, National Headquarters.

A telephone call gave notice of the victim, who probably had a broken leg and therefore was stranded in the glacier of the "belly" of Iztaccíhuatl, at an altitude of approximately 5 thousand 100 meters above sea level.

Next, staff began a coordinated operation with Socorro Alpino de México and the High Mountain Police of the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico.

It was through a portable radio with which there was direct communication with the Amecameca guides and the injured person, thanks to which the affected person announced that he was still descending, practically with only one leg; This facilitated its location and rescue,

From the place called La Joya elements of the Mexican Red Cross, high mountain and Alpine Rescue police from Mexico began the ascent; hours later, the first contact with the injured was achieved, at an approximate height of 4,900 meters above sea level.

It was decided to lower one more section to the injured with support, but on their own foot, to keep it moving and not to lose its functions, due to the intense cold of the area, until it reached Refuge number 19 of the Iztaccíhuatl.

There he was given medical attention, after he himself reported that his foot had become stuck in the middle of two rocks and when he tried to free himself he turned his knee, which caused him intense pain.

By air it was attempted to recover this person with the support of a helicopter of the Air Rescue Squadron “Lightning” of the Government of the State of Mexico, however, the dense fog that prevailed in the area and the lack of light prevented visibility and not the aircraft was landed by the injured.

In the place known as El Jabonero, it was decided to place the injured on the Skeed stretcher to achieve greater progress in the descent.

Then, in the MEX-030 ambulance of the Mexican Red Cross, the injured person was transferred to a hospital in Amecameca, where he received the medical attention he required.

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