"It looks like Ana Guerra"


"It looks more like Ana Guerra"; "It seems little, but like everyone who does"; "What would the creators think when they saw the doll next to the person?"… These are just some of the comments raised by the last figure that the Madrid Wax Museum has produced.

This is a replica of the presenter Cristina Pedroche, which can be seen until December 15 in The Invented Body, an exhibition that brings together all your New Year's Eve dresses.

Later, it will be installed in another space of the museum together with well-known international artists such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. For Pedroche it is a "dream come true" to have a sculpture that represents it. "I look very pretty. And in profile I look great," he said in an act before the media.

The figure is dressed in the Tot-Hom signature top and culotte set with flowers and pink tulle that Pedroche wore at last year's bells. But it has not convinced users too much, who have shown their dissatisfaction on social networks.

"Very bad face, but good it must be difficult to portray such a beautiful face"said one in the Instagram post of the image by the presenter.

Pedroche wrote shortly after a message about it: "Regardless of whether it looks a lot or a little I am very very happy. It's a pride that they wanted to make me a wax figure. "

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