It's time to open more spaces for purses: Trino


* "The point is that humor continues to reflect that need to make fun of everything. It is not that there is more censorship, it is that you take care of yourself more," said the Mexican cartoonist

By Evangelina del Toro

Mexico, December 14 (Notimex). – Cartoonist José Trinidad Camacho "Trino" said that it is time to open more spaces for women in the cartoon, "it is time to have a balance." In an interview with Notimex, the monero shared that it is necessary to take an interesting turn in front of the whole situation of criticism and strength to the movements and, he emphasized, "now with feminism, I would love to have more money, it is a good time to exercise it" . Also, he acknowledged that there are very good illustrators, graphic artists making graphic novels and, coupled with this, "you have to start getting the girls to cheat men." The above, identifying this opening where artists such as Tania Camacho, Maricruz Gallut or Cintia Bolio, who, from the opinion of the artist, have a high level in their work are counted. Trino emphasized the importance of social balance; "That it is balanced as in everything, that they win just like us, that there is that balance in the media, that we all win the same" and, identifying it as a great challenge, that the media open spaces for women who make humor "since, yes There are well, like the television where they expose their works, it is necessary to open more scenarios. ”“ We are finding a space, reinventing ourselves so as not to be left behind, because the new generations do know him, and they know all the platforms to make their contents, that we must do ourselves, not lose the essence of monkeys and humor, but seek adaptation to new platforms—, the illustrator considered in the face of changing ways to communicate his work and message.

Freedom of expression and criticism

In the last year, Trino went through difficult professional moments, changes of spaces in which to collaborate and, currently, he is participating in a newspaper doing sports cartoon. Regarding the process against the constant movement shared; "What we are going to do those who are doing humor and criticism is to continue with that same vein, criticizing what is criticizable. I hope the changes that look positive are really true and if you are in power, you are totally criticizable, because that's what we we dedicate the moneros ". In this regard, he said; "It is not that there is currently no freedom of expression, but that the forms have changed," however, he acknowledged how difficult the humor he created with his publication El Santos was for the moment. "We did not look at the politically correct and the incorrect; now it is difficult, because they can label us as misogynist, males, I do not doubt we are, the point is that humor continues to reflect that need to make fun of everything. It is not that there is more censorship is that you take care of yourself more, "said the cartoonist born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Trino, along with José Ignacio Solórzano "Jis", received the fourth recognition of Cartoon Gabriel Vargas 2019 for their trajectories and works, which have contributed to freedom of expression and political criticism. "It's a wonder; Gabriel Vargas was part of my generation with the Burron Family and having recognition of his name is sensational," he also declared that receiving it from the Museo del Estanquillo, "100% dedicated place to preserve and not lose the tradition of the cartoon and the cartoon, it is incredible, "concluded the winner of the National Prize for Journalism in political cardboard and the National Communication Award José Pagés Llergo.

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