Jimmy Kimmel trolls his team with a wax doll identical to him


He wax Museum Madame Tussauds Hollywood has incorporated a figure of Jimmy Kimmel, but before, the famous presenter has wanted take advantage of this figure so accomplished

The gallery has opened a section dedicated to the program Jimmy Kimmel Live! of the ABC chain, and they wanted to take the opportunity to play jokes with the wax doll.

Imagine entering work and finding your boss completely still and in a somewhat disturbing posture. That is what happened to part of the team, because the figure was so incredibly similar that they placed it in different places in the office To scare them.

In front of the elevator, next to the stairs or at the reception are some of the places where they put the wax doll to surprise the workers. But the worst part took her Micki, the Jimmy Kimmel's cousinwell it was the one that crossed the figure the most from the presenter

And, after so many scares, I was almost used to meeting the statue, so they took the opportunity to spend an even bigger joke. The real Jimmy Kimmel was placed in the guest room completely still and with the same posture Than your wax doll. Micki entered determinedly and was scared to think that, again, he was the figure of his cousin.

"Oh my God! This is crazy," the woman exclaimed as she approached take a selfie with the statue. Suddenly the presenter began to move and Micki got an even bigger scare, so much that he fell to the ground and threw his phone into the air.

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