"Let him raise his hand who has done nothing!"


Anabel Pantoja has faced his teammates on Tuesday in Save me, who have been alarmed after knowing their latest aesthetic retouching. The collaborator has explained on the set that she has undergone a surgery to hide the signs of thinning in your face.

The brawl has begun when the cameras have focused the cheekbones of Isabel Pantoja's niece in the foreground: "I don't know what's happening above, but the increase doesn't take it away," he criticized, to which Lydia Lozano has joked: "No, the increase is carried by you."

The response of the journalist has generated laughter in the Mediaset space, where Paz Padilla has addressed Pantoja: "What have you done to the cheekbones and lips? ", the presenter asked.

"I can do what I want in my body and on my face. By losing weight, my face thins," revealed the Sevillian awakening the indignation in Bethlehem Esteban: "He thins his face says!" He exclaimed the one of Paracuellos, that later has taken several sweets from the bag from the collaborator

The reactions have not suited Pantoja, who has valued that "with these issues you don't play": "What I was trying to say is that I am very fine from here. I wanted to take a form and now I am a little swollen," he reiterated, pointing to the cheekbones.

Finally, Kiko Rivera's cousin has decided to settle the jokes of her classmates with an applauded phrase: "Let's see, raise your hand who has not done anything! ", he has recriminated without hiding his anger.

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