Lola Herrera suffers a faint in full performance of 'Five hours with Mario'


Valladolid actress Lola Herrera, 84, suffered a Fainting during the interpretation of the work Five hours with Mario in the City of León Auditorium from which he has recovered without being necessary to enter a hospital, they have explained from the organizing company, Pentación.

The actress vanished on Thursday on stage when she barely 20 minutes had passed since the performance, which was suspended, with the consequent alarm of the public that filled the Auditorium.

A health emergency team moved to the Auditorium who proceeded to examine the actress and accompanied her until her full recovery.

Lola Herrera had represented last Wednesday the work with total normality and yesterday's was the second and last planned staging of the work of Miguel Delibes.

The León City Council and the Pentación company, which manages the work, are looking for a new date to be able to carry out the representation always in function that the health of the actress allows it.

After resting in a hotel in the capital of Leon, Lola Herrera traveled this Friday to Madrid by road, as confirmed by sources of the company Pentación.

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