Luis Figo admits 'having the solution' to the conflict in Catalonia


Luis Figo, former Real Madrid and FC Barcelona player, famous for betray the azulgranas to reach the Bernabéu, wanted to speak at an Icon event about the situation that happens the city where he lived before arriving in the Spanish capital and commented that "go with sadness"the situation that Catalonia is going through.

"I would have the solution, but it is not up to me"

"Is a wonderful land and people are living there surely malicious. They have been promised something, but they will never bring it to an end", he said. The Portuguese is sorry for his feeling of sadness when he sees the city divided and advises that it is better to live in cordiality. "I would have the solution, but it is not up to me", dared to announce Figo, that being a foreigner "preferred not to comment."

The former soccer player also wanted to praise Barcelona despite not spending much time in the city. "I don't renounce my past, I can only say good things about the city. But I don't go much because currently I don't have much to do there. But if I must go to Barcelona, ​​I go. "Likewise, Figo admitted have no fear when you are in Barcelona"As they say in my country:‘ If you're afraid, buy a dog. "And I have three, so I'm not afraid.”

About his relationship with Guardiola

Finally, the Portuguese wanted deny rumors that arose at the time about a possible relationship with Guardiola when both played at Barça. "Guardiola was a great friend, a person who helped me a lot. My roommate But there was nothing. I like women, "he concluded.

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