Madrid has reduced the consumption of diesel for heating by 40% in the last five years


One of the biggest challenges that exists in Spain is reduce the consumption of polluting fuels to give way to cleaner energy alternatives such as gas. With the arrival of the cold, an era in which energy consumption increases both at home and in business, it is essential to focus on cleaner and more efficient energy, both for the environment and for economic and efficiency reasons.

Madrid has become one of the communities that is betting on the energy transition leaving behind the most polluting fuels and proof of this, according to data from Primagas, a subsidiary in Spain of SHV Energy, world leader in distribution of liquefied gas, is that Madrid residents have reduced diesel consumption for heating by 40% in the last five years.

In our country, the most damaging fuels for air quality such as diesel or biomass are concentrated mainly in rural areas, which have less access to the supply through a network of pipelines. In addition to having a high percentage of areas outside this network, Madrid has an important industrial fabric where the role of gas is increasingly relevant. This autonomous community has become an important market for companies such as Primagas, whose objective is Bring cleaner and more sustainable energy to points of Spanish geography that are difficult to access. From this company they replace energy such as diesel with a more efficient energy alternative such as liquefied gas, so that both homes and companies located in non-urban areas improve the performance of their equipment and reduce the carbon footprint.

The importance of air quality

Currently, 92% of the world's population lives in places where the marked levels of air quality are not met, so it is a priority to set aside the most polluting fuels such as coal, diesel or electricity ( the latter, due to how the current energy mix is ​​configured) to give way to other cleaner options like gas. Gas is an energy alternative that reduces CO2 emissions by 30% against coal, 20% against diesel and 50% against electricity, and barely emits particles.

Therefore, it is essential that gas consumption is spread throughout the rest of the communities, with emphasis on rural areas, to improve the air quality we have in Spain. And it is that only in Spain poor air quality causes more than 38,000 premature deaths a year, hence the urgent need to take action.

About Primagas

Primagas, a subsidiary of the SHV Energy group of Dutch origin and world leader in propane gas, has been operating in Spain for 22 years with the clear mission of improving the living conditions of areas outside the gas network, making an energy solution accessible Efficient and clean.

Every day, Primagas supplies propane gas and liquefied natural gas where its customers need it, even in the most remote places. The company is involved with the energy transition, so that people residing in non-urban areas have access to cleaner energy.

To ensure supply and installation, Primagas collaborates with a network of more than 100 installation companies that allows it to offer an immediate, fast service in the most remote areas.

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