Mercadona opens a new efficient supermarket in Madrid with ready-to-eat dishes


The Mercadona supermarket chain remains committed to the efficient store model and has opened a new establishment under this canon in Madrid, near the Castellana, with which it seeks to optimize the purchase of customers and increase the comfort of workers and suppliers.

One of the main novelties of this establishment, which opens with the New Model of Mercadona Efficient Store, is the incorporation of the 'Ready to eat' section, which has a total of 35 dishes that can be customized on many occasions, such as salads, pizzas or pasta. All these options are served in containers made of natural materials, such as sugarcane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.

Hacendado mini chocolate bars.

In addition, this new supermarket incorporates other news in different sections, as a new finishing point for meat, a new delicatessen with cut and packaged ham, a central gondola in perfumery for specialized cosmetics and sushi specialties, among other novelties.

In addition, the supermarket, located on Pintor Juan Gris Street, 3, has a new double glazed entrance that avoids drafts, wider aisles and new models of shopping cart more ergonomic and lighter.

To achieve greater integration of the supermarket in the environment, this store has installed several vertical gardens, built and maintained by the Capacis Foundation, dedicated to the insertion of people with intellectual disabilities.

This new generation of efficient supermarket has a sales hall surface of more than 1,300 square meters and has a completely renovated design with respect to the previous store model, with new colors and materials, both in the facade of access to the supermarket and in the distribution of the different sections. Likewise, it is committed to wide open spaces that facilitate the entry of natural light and warm colors in the delimitation of the different environments.

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