More than 16 years in jail for killing and stealing millions in Chihuahua


Two people were sentenced for the crimes of qualified homicide and qualified robbery, to the detriment of those who in life responded to the name of Gustavo Alfredo Rojo Ramírez and a securities transfer company, respectively.

Those responsible were identified as Gustavo Adolfo Fernández Ramos and Erick Alonso Aguilar Ramos, who, at the intersection of the streets of Durango and Santiago Troncoso, stole a truck from a stock transfer company when conducting operations at a convenience store.

This happened on September 18, 2018; When leaving the parking lot, the custodians realized that they had been robbed of the cash, after seeing the open doors of the stock transfer truck and the missing money, so they immediately notified the authorities.

At 3:00 a.m. the next morning, those sentenced today moved in a vehicle and were arrested for preventive elements for a review.

It was then that the agents located a lifeless body that had multiple gunshot injuries in the neck.

They also located several million pesos in cash and dollars so they were arrested for the crime of burial and exhumation of bodies.

According to the investigations, it was explained that the culprits participated in the homicide to keep the money they had stolen from the stock transfer truck hours earlier.

Authorities continue to investigate to determine who else participated in the robbery of the stock transfer truck and be able to charge the crime.

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