Movistar cancels & # 039; The missing ones & # 039; and already looking for a new project for reporter Susi Caramelo


The missing ones, the # 0 program of Movistar + presented by Thais Villas, he will finish his second season next December 15. However, it seems that this will be the goodbye of space, because Movistar has canceled the talk showThe space, which was born as response to criticism for a presentation in march of this year in which there was a shortage of women, had collaborators such as Adriana Torrebejano, Silvia Sparks, Anabel Mua, Victoria Martín and Eva Soriano, among others. Further, most team (screenwriter, production, production, direction) too was feminine.Susi Candy It was another of the faces that was part of the program. The reporter has been a revelation for his way of being and his way of approaching celebrities In the events. He has spoken with Rosalia loudly, he has shown his breasts in the middle of a photocall and has made controversial sexual comments to actors such as Pedro Alonso, among other reports. Therefore, as confirmed Bluper, given the popularity of this viral humorist, Movistar is already thinking about another project for her. Apparently, the platform wants Susi Caramelo to become a kind of female David Broncano of the chain. Therefore, although it is not known which producer will be responsible for carrying it out, there are rumors that point to The Terrat, which already produces Late Motiv and The resistance.

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