Museum of Modern Art will offer 14 exhibitions in 2020


* Also present various national and international exhibitions

By Evangelina del Toro

Mexico, December 14 (Notimex) .— For next year the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) will present 14 temporary exhibitions, various national and international exhibitions, and review its collection of more than three thousand pieces, said Natalia Pollack, director of the enclosure. "The exhibitions outside of Mexico are works of co-curatorship with museums from other parts of the world for the integration of the exhibition. We have a sample of the painter Remedios Varo, as of March 5, in the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a couple of nationals, "he said. The importance of the samples outside of Mexico, he told Notimex, lies in disseminating the heritage and artistic heritage of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), and “of inviting other countries of our culture, as well as wealth of our creators. " He said that the MAM will close this year with 15 temporary exhibitions, two of its collection outside of Mexico, in France and Amsterdam, the Netherlands; an itinerant in Torreón, Coahuila, and various educational and pedagogical activities. "When we arrived at this administration we re-standardized the exhibition program and met objectives. We exceeded in activities, we had more than we had planned. There was much interest from outside and doing new things. We closed a very good year," he said. Natalia Pollack indicated that De aviesa intention. Psychoanalysis and identities in Mexican art is the exhibition with more than 90 pieces by 45 artists, with which they pay tribute to the Mexican historian, art critic and, at the time, director of the MAM, Teresa del Conde.

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