"My reputation? When you see two companions crashing …"


Fernando Alonso He has returned to a gala of FIA champions, in this case as Resistance champion, a title he won with Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima. The Spaniard reviewed his unforgettable 2019, in which he won all the races in which he competed ("I did not go in the 500 miles, so strictly the brand remains," he joked), the challenges of 2020 and also threw a puja at Ferrari collated his alleged bad reputation as a partner.

Asked about how he has taken the car sharing with two other drivers, Alonso was somewhat annoyed and recalled what happened in the Brazilian GP between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, when they crashed in full goal when they fought for third place.

"Reputation is one thing and the facts are others.. When you see two teammates crashing, as we have seen this year, and you see my images with my teammates every year, you will see the rebuffs in Monza, in Spa … And all these collaborations. When we talk about reputation, it's better to talk about facts, "he said bluntly.

"If you see images with my colleagues, you will see rebuffs in Monza or Spa, collaborations. When we talk about reputation, it is better to talk about facts"

"About sharing a car with these two types, it has been very easy. They have a lot of experience in the Resistance and they have taught me a lot in the tests and in the races. They knew a lot about the car and long distance racing. I was always the one who made mistakes and asked questions. It's not that I was happy to get out of the car, because I always want to run, but every time I got off and up, I felt less stressed because I knew they were behind the wheel and I trusted them completely, "he said.

The Dakar before the big goal: the 500 miles of Indianapolis

Fernando Alonso has an exciting 2020. It will begin on January 5 with the dispute of Dakar rally, for those who do not feel prepared to win, he admits, after a 2019 in which he has won everything.

Fernando Alonso, in the 'Hall of Fame' of the FIA.

"If I go there to enjoy the experience, yes. If I go to do my best, yes. If I go thinking in terms of winning it, I don't feel ready. I am perfectly aware of my lack of experience. I think that in other races I've tried, like Indy, Le Mans or Daytona, I felt quite competitive and could win. In the Dakar I don't feel at that level, I have to have my feet on the ground. I will try a different strategy. I will not be the fastest, but I hope to be in a good position at the end, "he said, smiling.

His great goal for 2020 is to repeat the 500 miles of Indianapolis, and there he will seek to win. After a disastrous participation in 2019, he is working to have a competitive team and a car that potentially takes him to the top.

Fernando Alonso, in the Rally of Saudi Arabia

"Last year it was sad not to be competitive enough and not to be prepared enough. We arrived a little late, but you still have the confidence to become competitive, but we failed. We had problems, I had an accident … This year I hope it goes better", he said, in relation to what happened, when he did not even qualify.

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