Nurses who rented a private plane to oppose pass the exam


Vanesa and Mercedes became famous when the news jumped to the media that four ourensanos nursing opponents had rented a plane to be able to attend the Madrid and Pontevedra exams on the same day.

At least two of the four members of the original expedition have achieved a fixed position at the Verín hospital (Ourense), ending a long period of interim.

"Without a doubt the best investment of my life", He has told the microphones of Atlas Vanesa, one of the lucky ones. "If Madrid did not go, it would not be so quiet for the exam," he added. "For me it was an investment"Mercedes said." At least I don't have to separate from my family for some time, "he concluded.

Vanesa has also valued the quality of life she has gained with her new position. "A job security, to be able to charge at the end of the month, the to be able to plan your life and even be able to make a future project ", are some of the aspects that have stood out.

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