Opens the first hotel chain for bees


The bees already have their own hotel chain, called Bee & Bee, which has opened its first residential hive in a tourist establishment of Jijona (Alicante), where these insects can shelter and proliferate with all the comforts.

This first Bee & Bee residence for bees has been installed at the Pou de la Neu Hotel, in the Alt de la Carrasqueta natural site, in Jijona. The first 'resort' dedicated to these insects is a wooden hive It has a main entrance in the style of a palace and has the dependencies of the places where these animals live, such as the breeding chamber or spaces to rest.

The new hotel chain, which has been inaugurated coinciding with the Madrid Climate Conference (COP25) and the Constitution Bridge, It is an initiative of Turrones Picó, which has had the collaboration with the Friends of the Bees Foundation and the Hotel Technology Institute.

Hotels that want to join this initiative and host residential bee hives have to contact Turrones Picó, who will send you a Bee & Bee for free. This will allow to build this chain of shelters where the species of solitary bees can shelter and proliferate.

Danger of extinction

From Turrones Picó it was explained that Bee & Bee is part of “a series of actions to draw attention to the danger of extinction that the bees are suffering, a challenge that puts agriculture and human food at risk ”. This company highlights that more than 75% of food directly depend on the pollination of bees and that Greenpeace has warned that in several European countries the populations of these insects have fallen more than 50%.

The decline of this species is due to different reasons, but they influence the massive deforestation, the uncontrolled use of pesticides or the lack of safe places where they can make their nests, the latter point on which Bee & Bee aims to raise awareness.

In this sense, Ana Picó, responsible for Quality of Turrones Picó, explained that “without the flowering of almond trees and without honey there would be no nougat, one of our cultural and gastronomic traditions. It's just a small example of how much life can change if we lose the bees. ”

Likewise, from the Hotel Technology Institute they indicated that they join this initiative because they consider that the hotel sector has "the opportunity to contribute in an original and friendly way to the maintenance of our ecosystem ", while sensitizing its clients on such an important issue for the maintenance of the current life model.

In addition, Anscari Fuentes, of the Natur Alacant collective and volunteer of the Friends of the Bees Foundation, thanked the support of Turrones Picó and all the hotels that want to join this initiative, because “It's a simple way to give a little touch to the consciences, a wake-up call on a topic that needs visibility. ”

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