(P) A group of Romanian entrepreneurs has launched Yoop, the first electronic cigarette with cannabis extract


Already popular in the West, CBD has also arrived in Romania through a unique product on the local market. Yoop is a small device that uses an innovative heating mechanism that creates aerosols containing cannabidiol, a natural compound extracted from cannabis, which has no psychoactive effects, but offers a wide range of health benefits.

CBD oil is extracted from the Cannabis plant through a natural process and has beneficial properties for the body. It is relaxing, anxiolytic, antidepressant, and relieves inflammatory processes or pain. It is used throughout the world to reduce anxiety, daily stress, to treat insomnia or depression.

"I worked for a year on product development that is constantly being tested in laboratories in France, Italy and the UK and explored the entire international market for CBD and nicotine salts to provide liquids that meet the highest quality standards. We have chosen to work with producers in Italy and France who are awarded worldwide for the quality of the liquids and flavors offered. We want the Romanians to enjoy the benefits of CBD using an easy-to-use, small and compact gadgetSays Ruxandra Gheorghe, founder of the start-up.

YOOP represents a new era of smoking, the responsible one.

Yoop also welcomes those who want to get rid of nicotine addiction but still want to enjoy the gesture and flavors, offering pods with zero nicotine. And those who want to smoke responsibly, using a device with 95% less harm (according to the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom) than a classic cigarette, can enjoy 6 types of nicotine salts with different flavors. Nicotine salts offer an experience identical to that of classic smoking, but much less harmful.

YOOP products, the device and bridges with liquid can be purchased exclusively online from the website https://letsyoop.com/

About Yoop

The YOOP gadget is such a slim device that you don't feel it in your pocket. It is a very easy to use, compact, user-friendly device that uses an innovative heating mechanism. Small and efficient. It allows up to 250 puffs without reloading, which is the equivalent of a normal pack of cigarettes. Recharging completely from a normal outlet takes up to 30 minutes and is done simply with a USB cable.

Each YOOP bridge is changed to a new one after each exhaustion, to avoid its use over time and to provide users with the same quality of experience every time.



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