PlayStation turns 25 as one of the great references of the video game


A day like today 25 years ago, the December 3, 1994, the original PlayStation -PS1- was presented to the world from Japan, a 32-bit desktop video console launched by Sony Computer Entertainment that came to revolutionize the market and conquer millions of hearts. North America and Europe had to wait until September 1995 to seize it.

His birth was marked by a major crisis between Sony and Nintendo, which, expert video game consoles portals, have been reporting these days:

Original PlayStation is considered the most successful video game console of the fifth generation -a generation that supposed the transition from 2D to 3D three-dimensional environments-, both in sales and popularity.

Third desktop console of the Xbox brand, produced by Microsoft. It saw the light in 2013 and despite its undeniable success, it has not been able to surpass its predecessor, the 360. It has sold 39 million units and stands out for its new hardware that translates into improved graphics.

According to the official blog, such was the fervor that caused only on its first day the original PlayStation sold 100,000 units in Japan, although Sony did not have the experience in the sector that its competitors did, the Japanese Nintendo and SEGA.

His success continued throughout the years: It ended up becoming the first domestic console that exceeded 100 million units sold around the world until he retired, in March 2006.

Bet on implement the 'CD-ROM' inside of hardware as an evolution regarding the cartridges. In addition, it incorporated some advanced 3D polygonal graphics and offered the possibility of save games by means of a removable memory card of 128kb.

“From the beginning, we open ourselves to developers and provide them with the tools and technology to create beautiful and extensive worlds, in addition to experimenting with new ideas. That approach translated into the diversity of games that PlayStation is known for, ”he says. an official blog statement the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan.

With 11,150,000 sales, the ‘Gran Turismo’ was his most successful video game, but also other titles such as 'Metal Gear' or 'Final Fantasy' are unforgettable for addicts to this console, which throughout his life came to have almost 8,000 games. Some of them can be seen in this video:

PlayStation Evolution

Since that first version, the gamers have lived the PS2 – the best selling console of all time, with 160 million units-, the PS3 and the PS4; Besides the PlayStation Classic, a console tribute to the original.

Description of how the PS5 will be, according to a Slovak website. ProGamingShop,

And finally, last October, official sources announced that, after six years since PlayStation 4 was launched, came his replacement: the expected PlayStation 5, which according to the latest information will be available in December 2020 and will cost 500 euros.

"We are looking forward to celebrating what the future holds for you!", Says Ryan in the statement.

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