PP asks a commission of investigation of the policy of minors of the Consell after the sentence to the ex-husband of Oltra by abuses


The PP in Les Corts registered on Tuesday the request of a commission of inquiry for "evaluate and control" the minors policy of the Consell, after the sentence that condemns the ex-husband of the vice president, Mónica Oltra, to five years in prison for abusing a supervised minor while working as an educator at a reception center in Valencia.

Popular people want both Vice President and Minister of Equality, Monica Oltra, and President Ximo Puig to explain "why the Advocacy of the Generalitat has not appeared in this case and in others like Segorbe (Castellón). "In the latter case, the educator accused of abuse was acquitted by the court.

The Deputy Secretary General of the PP of the Valencian Community, Elena Bastidas, asked if she believes that Oltra has a special responsibility in this case because the convict is his ex-husband or if he must explain why they have not taken "such forceful measures", has advanced that are "evaluating" a series of data on this process and that will make them public when they have them.

Mind you, he criticized that Advocacy has not appeared on this occasion, unlike what he did in the case of Segorbe, and has shown his surprise at the absence of Puig's statements.

Disability to work with minors for ten years

The Valencia Court ruling condemns Oltra's ex-husband to five years in prison for a continued crime of sexual abuse of a minor protected by the Generalitat in certain periods of time between 2016 and 2017, when she was 14 years old.

The court, which imposes the petition claimed by the prosecutor, prohibits him from approaching the victim or his home within 200 meters or communicating with her for a decade. It also imposes the special disqualification for the profession or trade that involves contact with minors for ten years, probation for five, with the obligation to participate in training courses in sex education, and compensation to children under 6,000 euros.

After the sentence was published, Oltra said Monday that, when notified, the Ministry will urge the center to that applies "on its own terms".

Monica Oltra denies a double measuring stick

This Tuesday Oltra has denied that there is a double measuring stick after the sentence and has also denied that there are political responsibilities because it is about individual action. Before the request of the PP to create a commission of investigation, has assured that she "always" is available to give explanations in Les Corts.

Regarding the non-intervention of the Advocacy of the Generalitat, it has clarified that the situation in Valencia is "completely different" from that of Segorbe, where the center agreed with the educator also accused of abuses "to fire him without compensation in exchange for not reporting him or informing the Prosecutor or the Ministry."

In the same way, has ruled out political responsibilities in this case because these "are derived from erroneous political actions, not from individual actions as in this case". Thus, he pointed out that there has been a conviction for the behavior of an individual in a private center and "the responsibility lies with the person who in this case has been convicted."

Likewise, has considered correct "in principle" the performance of the management of the center "Except for the matter of not having put the fact immediately in the knowledge of the Juvenile Prosecutor. As a result, he pointed out that an instruction was issued to all the centers remembering that the legislation establishes that these cases should be immediately communicated to the Prosecutor's Office regardless of the result of the evaluations of the professionals.

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