Press conference of Greta Thunberg live at COP25


The young activist Greta Thumberg He went on Monday December 9 to the XXV Conference of the Parties of Climate Change of the UN (COP25) to offer a press conference, together with the activist of Fridays for Future Germany, Luisa Neubauer, in which he has warned that I wasn't going to talk but he took advantage of the media attention he generates to give voice to other young people, especially from the south, who need to tell their stories.

Like all the times the young woman has intervened, the expectation generated in the media has been enormous and a large queue of journalists has been generated to enter the press room. "We have noticed some media attention – Greta has said – And we believe it is our moral responsibility to use this attention to give voice to those who need to tell their stories."

The young Swedish has indicated that both they are privileged because their story has been told many times and has insisted that there are other people from the south and from the indigenous peoples who need to tell their story.

"The impact of climate change will not only affect today's children. It is affecting many people, who is suffering and dying today – he added. Therefore, we have created this event, as a platform to share stories that should be told.

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