PSOE and Podemos study raising the minimum wage by 11%, to 1,000 euros in 2020


The PSOE and United We can study "with good predisposition" to raise the Interprofessional Minimum Salary (SMI) by about 11% by 2020, to reach about 1,000 euros per month, in order to fulfill its electoral commitment of reaching 60% of the average salary in 2023.

This has been confirmed to EFE sources of negotiation, who have remembered that it is one of the points that is on the table and that "There is a good predisposition on both sides."

The rise of the SMI is a historical claim of Podemos once in 2019 they managed to raise the minimum wage to 900 euros per month and lowered their initial proposal of 1,000 euros for that year.

The same sources affect that this time there is the same good tuning that was already in the negotiation of budgets which achieved the previous increase, when the SMI increased by 22.3%.

Both PSOE and United We were contemplating in their electoral programs of April and November a progressive rise in the next four years from the current 900 euros, although the PSOE proposed to reach 1,200 euros approximately in 2023 and Podemos asked to advance to 1,000 next year.

However, sources in the negotiating environment have stated that the increase in the minimum wage It might not be the same in every year of the legislature and depend, therefore, on the annual economic environment.

The agreed pre-agreement between the acting president, Pedro Sánchez and the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, to form a coalition government considers as a first point the need to consolidate growth and job creation and combat the precariousness of the labor market to guarantee decent work and stable.

Socialists also contemplate approving a new Statute of the Worker in the framework of the social dialogue, in which the indefinite hiring is normal and also, it would approve a Statute of the Fellow, as well as a plan for reunify subsidies and increase protection to the most vulnerable groups.

Sánchez has repeatedly stated that he is committed to a revenue pact in order to improve the salary levels that the minimum wage is raising according to the recommendation of the European Social Charter, which figures it at 60% of the average salary.

The last rise of the SMI occurred on December 21, 2018 in the Council of Ministers held in Barcelona.

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