Psychoanalysis and identities in Mexican art


* The exhibition is a tribute to the historian, art critic and former director of the MAM, Teresa del Conde

By Evangelina del Toro

Mexico, December 14 (Notimex) .— Of aviesa intention. Psychoanalysis and identities in Mexican art is a sample with more than 90 pieces by 45 artists who intend to converge Freudian psychoanalysis and art history. "What we are interested in asking are questions, overcoming common places and avoiding staying in the conversation and possible answers. We do not try to do psychoanalysis or psychoanalyze artists, we only use terms and categories from that field to ask other questions," said the chief curator of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), Carlos Molina, who pointed out; "The public will observe pictures that support themselves," in addition to attending the possibility of a conversation with oneself and others about what the art of Mexicans says. During the tour prior to the opening of the exhibition – which will open its doors from this December 14 until May 24, 2020 -, and which pays tribute to the historian and art critic, Teresa del Conde (1935- 2017) Molina explained that the ideas of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) are explored through painting. Molina stressed that "Teresa del Conde was a connoisseur and student of Freud, and in more than one moment several intellectuals related to the art world have made pilgrimages to Vienna or London, where the considered father of psychoanalysis lived or preached his ideas." The sample consists of different sections, which propose an exploration of some Freudian psychoanalytic terms: "Denial", "Libidinal" and "Phantasmata", which, in the context of the exhibition, have been subdivided to present the mentioned topics. For its part, "ghost" refers to those occurrences of spectra recognized throughout the twentieth century, which, it was said, could be seen "but not verify the reality of its existence", thus playing with the term "fantasy" Freud introduced psychoanalysis – and which, when translated from German into Spanish, was inscribed as "ghost" – so that this exhibition uses the tools of psychoanalysis to enrich the reading of works of art. Of great intention. Psychoanalysis and identities in Mexican art has works by José Clemente Orozco, Dr. Atl, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Francisco Toledo, Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Magali Lara, Francisco Goitia, José Luis Cuevas, Luis Nishizawa and Jean Charlot, among others , and addresses issues about sexuality, death and confrontation, as well as the relationships that men and women build daily.

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