Renfe strike: list of canceled trains


Renfe has had to cancel a total of 155 trains bird and of medium and long distance by partial strikes convened on Thursday by the CGT union, coinciding with the operation leaving the bridge of the Constitution.

According to the resolution of minimum services approved by the Ministry of Development, that day will circulate 265 trains bird and long distance, the 90% of the 293 initially scheduled. Passengers affected by the 28 cancellations of this type of train will be about 6,300.

On the other hand, 215 of the 342 trains planned will be maintained in the medium distance services, the 63% of the total. Passengers affected by the 127 cancellations will be about 5,250.

In trains of Surroundings the minimums are based on the different cores, lines and time slots, varying the percentage between a maximum of 75% at peak hours and 50% of the usual service in the rest of the day in Cercanías Madrid (66% and 48%, respectively , in the rest of the cores).

With respect to the trains of Goods, a percentage of 20% of the usual service is established. Thus, 56 convoys of the total of 275 scheduled trains will circulate.

These partial four-hour work stoppages will take place in the three work shifts (between 00.00 and 04.00 hours, between 11.00 and 15.00 and between 20.00 and 24.00 hours.).

For commercial service travelers whose train is not included in the minimum services, Renfe will offer, whenever possible, travel on another train at the closest time to the one purchased. However, if they do not wish to travel, the affected travelers may cancel or change their ticket for another date at no cost.

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