Ricky Martin is recorded an Instagram 'story' touching his crotch and his fans lose their heads


Ricky Martin, like any international star worth his salt, squander charisma on your Instagram account and, to the joy of his more than 13 million followers, he usually gives us the occasional inn hot. Of course, until now, they had only been pictures of his naked torso and with little clothes, but he had never dared to upload content as explicit as the one that is sweeping the networks since he shared it last Tuesday, November 3, recorded by the Puerto Rican singer while preparing for the Dior parade that was held in Miami (United States).

Singer Ricky Martin, naked in the video presentation of his new tour.

Thus, dressed in full of the famous signature – beige film, blue shirt and sneakers-, you can see how Ricky Martin looks coquettishly in the mirror while asking his companion "how it looks". Happy with the "good"that he receives, he begins to caress the American he is wearing, it goes down at the waist and… it ends up clutching the crotch with momentum. A most surprising gesture that, as expected, has not taken long to go viral … but on Twitter.

Being a story From Instagram, the video has already disappeared from that network, but this does not mean that many users have been able to capture the moment and share it through Twitter. No wonder that, in a few days, this clip of just over 12 seconds already have thousands of views and, if possible, even more comments calling the singer's gesture sensual; although you can also see words of rejection of what they consider an obscene attitude.

Father for the fourth time

While it is true that the last gesture of Ricky Martin has been most daring, the Puerto Rican singer has never been to air his personal life, which does not mean that he hides it. In fact, to all the events to which they invite her she goes with her husband Jwan Yosef, with whom she already has four children, and he has never had trouble talking about his sexuality and the way he is raising his children to make sure they are tolerant people.

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