Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna are asked for five years in prison for their sex video


The Prosecutor's Office of Guipúzcoa and the private prosecutor request five years in prison for the Eibar footballerSergi Enrich and for his former teammate on this team and current Rayo Vallecano playerAntonio Luna for its alleged involvement in the dissemination of a sexual video against the will of the woman that appears in the images.

According to EFE sources of the case have been informed, the Public Prosecutor also requests two years of detention for the ex-former Eddy Silvestre, currently in Albacete, alleged material author of the video broadcast After receiving it from the other defendants, a penalty that the private prosecution raises up to three years of imprisonment.

The aforementioned sources have specified that the facts that are attributed to the defendants could be constitutive of crimes against the right to privacy referred to the discovery and disclosure of personal secrets of the sexual life of the victim.

The two Eibar players, Enrich and Luna, involved in the filtering of the erotic video.

The accusations distinguish in this case two alleged criminal behaviors: one consisting of the recording of the images without the consent of the victim and another in the diffusion of the images until the video becomes viral.

The defendants Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna are charged for both alleged crimes, while Silvestre only for the second.

The Balearic striker of Eibar Sergi Enrich, with an image of Eddy Silvestre inserted.

In addition to the prison sentences requested, both the Prosecutor's Office and the private prosecutor request that the victim be financially compensated for the moral damages suffered.

The video, in which Enrich and Luna they appear maintaining relations with a girl who asks not to be recorded When he realizes that the act is being registered, it was widely disseminated through social networks in October 2016.

The victim then filed a complaint for these events and soccer players Enrich and Luna apologized for what happened through the personal Twitter account of the former.

Eibar striker Sergi Enrich (i) fights a ball with Brazilian Real Madrid defender Danilo.

Both regretted "deeply" that an "indiscretion" of which they claimed not to be responsible meant that the images came to light "without their knowledge, much less their consent."

The Court of Instruction number 1 of Eibar issued a car on May 31, 2018 with which it concluded the judicial investigation and agreed to the continuation of the process by the procedures of the abbreviated procedure.

According to this car, Luna would have recorded the images with Enrich's mobile phone and both would have acted by mutual agreement.

The procedure has suffered several delays that have so far delayed the order to open an oral trial. After this process, the defenses have a period of ten days to write their defense briefs. The trial for these events is expected to take place in a Criminal Court of San Sebastián.

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