Siri is activated live in an informative and contradicts the weatherman: "There will be no snow"


Apple smart watches can sometimes go from ready to go. That's what happened to the Apple Watch worn by the meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker, who I was reporting a weather forecast for snowfall in Minneapolis and Denver in the United States on the chain BBC Weather

At one point, when the weatherman said there would be snow, Siri (the assistant with a clock voice) It activates and says: "There is no snow in the weather forecast".

"I apologize, it was not part of the plan"says Tomasz, after turning off his watch, which was probably activated with the 'raise to speak' function of Siri.

The other presenter present on the set does not hesitate to exploit that fun event and tells the meteorologist "I thought there was snow in your weather forecast".

"Surely don't know what site i'm talking about"says the weatherman before continuing with the prediction and between the laughter of his partner.

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