Social Security recognizes for the first time an employee of the Barcelona metro that his lung cancer is asbestos


Social Security has recognized for the first time in a pioneering resolution that the cause of lung cancer suffered by Antonio C. A., a former worker of the Barcelona metro, is a pathology of labor origin linked to asbestos exposure, a carcinogenic material. To this retired employee The disease was detected in March of this year. "We believe that Antonio's case may set an administrative precedent," said his lawyer, Jaume Cortés, of the Col·lectiu Ronda on Wednesday, aware that the company will present resources and it will extend the terms of the case because it "continues to deny" that there are occupational diseases among its staff for asbestos. "The resolution is not final but if it is contested we will go to trial," said his lawyer. Antonio was for 32 years working in the suburban service tunnels, between 1975 and 2011. He worked in the disconnectors, very narrow cells that isolated each other with uralite (asbestos) plates that were drilled by raising dust with which he inevitably came into contact. "Also, in the tunnels, asbestos stayed in the environment every time the trains stopped because then the subway tablets contained asbestos", said the person affected this Wednesday at the headquarters of the Col·lectiu Ronda, the labor cabinet that takes his case. Antonio explained that at that time "there were no protections" against these indestructible fibers that over time have been uncovered as highly toxic: "The company did not want to recognize that it was a dirty job so you did not wear protections," he said. "That is why I want the company to provide staff protection now, since there was no way," he added. Asked if he and his companions (one of them died of lung cancer) were aware of the dangers involved in handling this material, Antonio has simply said that "The one who had to ask for it was the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and did not, although in the policy of the company committee at that time I do not want to enter. "" The reality is very stubborn and asbestos does not forgive, "said Cortes, his lawyer and that of other subway workers affected by asbestos. This same reality which, according to the works council, "continues to deny" the address of Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), has led to the fact that, of the two files opened 10 months ago to members of the workforce due to ailments related to direct contact with asbestos, it has been passed to eight, said Ángel Muñoz, president of the TMB works council. The current cases are that of an employee with permanent disability; another with lung cancer whose cause is recurred before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), so the sentence is not yet final; two other workers with asbestosis (one of them active but low) and four cases of employees who have died and to those who now represent their widows: three died from lung cancer and the fourth from pleura cancer. Once recognized the professional illnesses and their clear link with asbestos, the second step to follow in the courts is to recognize that there were safety deficiencies in the performance of the work of those affected, Cortés said. The third is get "compensate them or their relatives, in case of death, with an increase in their pensions and with compensation "for the damages caused. In addition to pushing to open administrative disciplinary proceedings to TMB. Both Muñoz and Cortés have wanted to highlight this Wednesday that, until now, those affected by exposure to asbestos were subway mechanics, who manipulated it directly with their hands. In recent months, files are being opened to road maintenance personnel, as asbestos leaves residues in these. There are still 300 tons of asbestos removed from the subway and the company committee is following its withdrawal through monthly meetings with TMB in which new pieces appear likely to contain asbestos. The estimate of the representatives of the workforce is that the deamiantado works of the network last between two and three years more.

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