Spain and Morocco dismantle a terrorist cell


Spain and Morocco dismantled in a joint operation a terrorist cell loyal to the jihadist group Islamic State composed of four members, Moroccan authorities reported.

The cell leader was arrested on the outskirts of Madrid, while the other three members were arrested in the Nador region in northeastern Morocco, according to the Central Office of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ, Moroccan anti-terrorist body) in a statement, cited the RTVE chain.

The three members of the network were captured in the towns of Farjana and Beni Nsar, and one of the detainees is the brother of an active jihadist in the fighting in the Syrian-Iraqi region.

The four suspects, between 24 and 39, joined the propaganda campaigns of the bloodthirsty acts of the Islamic State in retaliation for the death of the alleged head of this terrorist organization.

According to preliminary investigations, the members of this cell held meetings to monitor the development of the situation in the Syrian-Iraqi region and to plan terrorist acts "in response to repeated calls from IS leaders to choose different countries as targets. ".

Electronic equipment, mobile phones, extremist manuscripts and hoods were confiscated during the joint operation.

"This operation is part of the cooperation between Moroccan and Spanish security services," the BCIJ said in the statement.

According to figures from the Moroccan Ministry of Interior, this country dismantled 13 jihadist cells until the end of October this year.

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