Steal instruments from the Myxe Town Philharmonic Band


* The Ayujk researcher Yásnaya Elena said that the instruments are a community heritage, and the loss of them is an attack on the heart of the people, a town without its band is not a town

Mexico, December 14 (Notimex) .— Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil (1981), linguist, writer, translator and linguistic rights activist and Ayujk researcher, reported that on Friday they raided the music school of their community San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla, in Oaxaca. Through his Twitter account, he said that almost all the instruments of the Philharmonic Band of San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla, Mixe, which is the soul of the community, were stolen, and emphasized; "These instruments are a community heritage that has conformed to the efforts of people who save and donate an instrument, the authorities that get money for that, from the efforts made by the committee. And now the community musicians are silent." . The member of the Mixe School also announced the official statement of the musical and municipal authorities of San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla, Mixe, about the theft, in which it is emphasized that music is the beginning of community life ; "Before learning the alphabet, musical notes are our first language and form our identity." Likewise, immediate institutional action is requested, as well as solidarity to disseminate information to try to recover musical instruments, because “they have silenced the heart of our community; people without prejudice have taken away one of the most precious elements of our people ”and, he emphasized through a tweet in their social networks; "You know what music means to mixed peoples." After his message, Yásnaya Elena received countless samples of support, which he thanked for the same social network. “Thank you so much for all your help offers! We are very moved. We will soon communicate a means for this help Many tyoskujuyëp! ”He wrote.

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