The Airbnb must remove the advertisements of illegal tourist apartments in Catalonia from its website


The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has ruled in favor of the Generalitat and has determined that the Airbnb homesharing platform must comply with Catalan regulations and stop announcing floors that do not include a registration number in the Register of Catalonia, which proves its legality as tourist housing.

The statement specifies that Airbnb must block, delete or suspend permanently from your website or any other portal that can use "all content related to the advertising of companies and tourist accommodation establishments located in Catalonia in which the registration number in the Register of Catalonia is not recorded".

The TSJC Give Airbnb 15 calendar days to comply with the sentence, while requiring you to provide proof of compliance within this period. It also warns you that, otherwise, we will proceed to impose coercive fines of 1,500 euros, which may be repeated in periods of one month.

The judgment of the TSJC, which is not firm and before which an appeal can be filed, it also imposes on Airbnb the payment of the costs caused, with the limit of the amount of 2,000 euros for each.

For its part, an Airbnb spokesperson has explained that this decision goes back to an old case in Catalonia and that will appeal the sentence. He has defended that since June 2018, the platform requires that all new ads that are regulated by the Tourism Law in Catalonia show the registration number.

That was when Airbnb launched a new technological tool to help the hosts to comply with tourism regulation in Barcelona and Catalonia, making it easier for the authorities to verify that the ads comply with the law and helping to reduce potential bad actors.

The platform has stated that it is committed to continue collaborating with the administrations, including the Generalitat, but "Barcelona and Catalonia still they don't have clear rules designed for families that share their homes. "

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