The applauded speech of a First Dates contestant against HIV stigma


First dates It is characterized, among other things, by showing very diverse profiles among those who come to seek love. In addition to giving rise to comic situations, it sometimes helps give visibility to issues such as transsexuality or polyamory, and all this is collected by social networks.

In this case, the most commented-and applauded-moment of the program has been starring Antonio Hernández. Antonio is a Sevillian yoga teacher 35 years old Upon entering the program, he was honest with the host of the program.

Thus, Hernández commented on how he stopped being a teacher and left for India to live with Buddhist monks after having a crisis of values: "Knowing that he was HIV positive, that I am an HIV carrier, I had a personal crisis quite large that led to a very nice personal development process, "he told Sobera.

As he explained, at that time "I had a lot of fears: to privacy, to rejection, what will they say… fears that he tried not to see, but HIV forced him to face them. "Then, Hernandez gave a positive message:" For a negative response I had, I had 200 positive. "

However, despite the advances, the professor clarified that there is still a lot to do: "There is still a lot of visibility, we need to talk a lot about this and to convey the message that being seropositive, today, with the treatments we have, it becomes undetectable. That means it is untransmissible, I cannot transmit it in any way. "

"Not everyone is prepared, but we must be visible. Only with visibility will people understand us," he said to end his conversation with Sobera and go to his appointment. During this, the tolerance message followed when, Antonio Manuel, the person with whom Hernandez had dinnerHe showed no concern when he learned that the other boy had HIV.

"No, when I was younger, I was going to a foundation to teach in schools and else. It's something that I'm informed of, "Antonio Manuel replied when Hernandez asked if he had any problem with his situation.

Then, Hernández confessed that, paradoxically, his circumstance had become his greatest strength: "The first thing the doctor told me is that I was going to die of old age. But then came the social part. There came the greatest fear. And also deal with rejection. I have been rejected several times for this. "

But in the event there was also room for comedy, and then Hernandez joked that he has been "rejected more times for being vegan than for being HIV-positive"Later, Antonio wanted to remember the work of those who, before him, claimed the visibility of the collective:" As a homosexual and young person, I have so much to thank the people who have given their faces for me 20 or 30 years ago. . me I had it easier because of the sticks that the previous ones took. I decided that this was going to be my fight. "After this, they both agreed to want to share a second date in a yoga class.

After this, the public turned to Twitter thanking him for opening and giving such a positive message, something that Hernandez himself He wanted to thank from his account:

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