The British prosecutor accuses a woman of forcing a "medieval duel" between lovers for her ex-husband to die


The British prosecution accuses Asta Juskauskiene, a 35-year-old social worker, of forcing a "medieval duel" to the death between her lover and her ex-husband so that the second could be killed.

This has been expressed in the trial that takes place outside London, publishes The telegraph.

The ex-husband, Giedruis Juskauskas (42), died after being stabbed 35 times in the neck and body last June; Mantas Kvedaras (25), ex-boyfriend and boyfriend of Juskauskiene, admitted killing him to achieve his partner's favor.

According to the prosecution, the woman knew that Kvedaras wanted to harm her ex-husband and manipulated both men to duel. "It wasn't a fist fight that went over", he explained in the trial, but a lethal attack with a knife.

The woman hid Kvederas after the murder, He deleted the messages from his cell phone and "lied" to the police, according to the prosecutor. Both met online when Kvederas was serving a sentence in a Lithuanian prison.

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