The dispersed fulfill 50 programs in 'Boom!' and they stay two boat answers


The dispersed fulfilled this Wednesday 50 programs in Boom!, the Antena 3 contest where they have become the new winners thanks to their applauded moves, which they could not celebrate after staying at Two answers from the coveted boat.

Manolo, Óscar, Victoria and Miguel Ángel responded a total of 13 questions, but time ran out when there were two issues to resolve, one of which failed, so the bomb exploded in the last second.

"In the human body, Which bone is attached to the ilium and the ischium? ", he said the skirt of the penultimate question, which failed to answer "femur" instead of "pubis", which was the correct answer.

"This question was quite remarkable … the pubis no, but this one", joked Juanra Bonet before the four candidates, who fought for the prize of 1,065,000 euros in a delivery that starred Oscar, who kept the nerves in the phase of the qualifying bomb until the full.

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