The Inspiringirls Foundation awards 20 minutes for its work as an "inspiring medium" for girls


The Inspiringirls Foundation has recognized this Thursday the work done by the newspaper20 minutes by granting him the 'Half Inspiring Award', which has collected the director of the newspaper, Encarna Samitier, in the second edition of these awards.

Inspiring Girls is a Foundation whose objective is "increase the self-esteem and professional ambition of girls of school age", as well as their job expectations, by helping them to make visible the wide variety of jobs that exist, without the fact of being a woman means no limitation for them.

With these awards, Inspirigirls rewards the work done by people, entities and companies that They set an example and inspire girls by encouraging them to "aim high and become what they want to be."

In this year's edition, they have been awarded, among others, the singers Lucrecia and Sofía Ellar; CSIC biologist and researcher Irene García; the founder and CEO of Bimani, Laura Corsini; the scientist Alai Miranda Blanco and the model Nieves Álvarez.

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