the judge sends 47 angels of hell to the bench


The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court Manuel García Castellón, has sent 47 people to trial for their integration or collusion with the Angels of Hell implanted in the Balearic Islands as of 2009 and for which the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office asks up to 38 and a half years in jail for a rosary of crimes ranging from the prostitution, extortion and drug trafficking until illegal detention, fraud and money laundering.

This is a branch based in Spain of the Hells Angels Motor Club (HAMC), one of the main biker bands that operate outside the law in the European continent and landed in Mallorca in 2009 both for its geographical location and for the alternate business existence and the possibility of laundering, trafficking and extortion of foreign population.

The cause came in 2012 to the National Court, when it was found that the Angels of the Balearic Hell functioned as a criminal organization and related to others established with Luxembourg, Turkey and Germany. After months of follow-up and wiretapping, the first arrests occurred in July 2013 in the so-called 'Operation Casablanca' and in addition to the members of the organization, two local police and a civil guard who had given them coverage fell.

Now, the case is pending to indicate the date on which the founder of this branch or 'chapter' of the HAMC will sit on the bench, Frank Arim Hanebuth, for whom the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asks for 13 years in prison for criminal organization, threats, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons, and their two lieutenants, the Youssafi brothers, who face up to 38 and a half years in prison, in addition, for prostitution and illegal detention of three women.

On this matter, the indictment of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office explains that the three, of Czech origin, denounced May 2013 that they arrived from Italy to Mallorca with an online job offer according to which they would be hostesses of promotions. They ended up at the 'Red Palace', a club run by the defendants and where they were informed that they would have to prostitute themselves. They ended up locked in a house until the police released them.

"The women who controlled Abdelghani Youssafi were obliged to obtain a predetermined amount in advance, referred to as 'days' (being 1 day the equivalent of 1,000 euros), before even being able to enjoy a rest," says the brief from the Prosecutor’s Office, which explains how they instructed one who had become pregnant or how they induced another to undergo cosmetic surgery because, in his words, so that "clients do not turn around when they see her" the woman cannot walk "with small breasts in a body of an eighty meter".

Two local police and a civil guard

As for the agents of the Local Police of Mallorca accused, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor points to 'Nica' Góngora and asks for 7 and a half years in prison for criminal organization and bribery. He describes, in addition to his relations with the defendants, that "he was carrying out work related to police work, for which he collected certain amounts of money" based on "active agents known to him, members of the Local Police of Palma, Civil Guard and National Police, which also charged. "

One of them would be the Civil Guard Sgt. Francisco José Valenzuela, that faces 5 years and means of imprisonment for falsehood, bribery, omission of the duty to prosecute crimes and revelation of secrets, for carrying out "activities outside their professional obligations, serving as an intermediary in business and activities, performance of personal favors and efforts of diverse nature "for the organization," using its condition ".

Meanwhile, Anticorruption demands that the local police officer of Mallorca be disabled for a year and a half. Carlos Valdecillo by omission of the duty to prosecute crimes, upon withdrawing a complaint that had been lodged against one of the members of the HAMC involved in a stabbing.

The list of 47 defendants includes other full members of the organization's law ('Fullpatch'), as well as subordinates ('Prospects'), supporters ('Hangarounds' or 'Supporters') and traveling members of the organization ('Nomads' ) as well as all the members of the structure of this Balearic faction, from the president to arms sergeant, going through the secretary and the treasurer.

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