The Local Police of Marbella detects three children under 14 and 15 with drugs at a dog show in an institute


The Local Police of Marbella (Málaga) has detected three minors with narcotic substances during adog unit display in an Institute of Secondary Education of the municipality.

The police dogs located the trail of the narcotic substances on November 20 during the exhibition that the management of the educational center asked to perform in the classrooms due to the impossibility of doing it in the courtyard because of the rain, as explained by municipal sources to Europa Press.

"The dog entered the classes at the request of the direction of the center since, because of the rain, the exhibition in the courtyard had to be suspended," the sources said.

During the demonstration, the agents raised minutes for possession of narcotics to three children under 14 and 15 years old, they have pointed out the same sources about information that has advanced The country.

The exhibition came after, in a letter dated October 21, the director of the institute, and on behalf of the School Board of the center, requested the head of the Local Police, Javier Martín, "orna exhibition of police dogs and the functions they perform. " There is a circumstance that the Local Police made a demonstration of their resources in the same institute last March.

The Local Police has performed eight visits to schools in the course of 2019 and has two applications pending. Agents have visited, so far, Federico García Lorca schools; Francisco Echamendi; Echoes; Antonio Machado; and Xarblanca, in Marbella; and the San Francisco de Asís school, in the Malaga municipality of Mijas; In addition, the exhibitions of March and November at the Institute of Secondary Education Las Dunas.

The requests that the agents of the Local Police have pending to realize are to the Institute of Secondary Education Vega del Mar, in the urban nucleus of San Pedro; and the closed school of Calderón, in Malaga.

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