The macabre case of pigeons with little hats that are appearing in Las Vegas


A new phenomenon is occurring in the city of Las Vegas: for some time now, they are being observed pigeons with small hats attached to his head, he informs Gizmodo.

Mariah Hillman, director of a pigeon rescue organization called Lofty Hopes, told Washington PostHe witnessed how one of the pigeons shook his head to take off his hat, which had been adhered with glue. "Or we wait for the fur to change, which will take time, or we take it away, "said Hillman, who added that only with oil could the hats be removed and the birds would not suffer.

It is not known who is behind this cruel practice, which seems to affect dozens of pigeons, judging by the notices that Lofty Hopes receives daily.

In statements to The New York Times, Mariah Hillman stated that those who are responsible for these trastadas "They should keep their hands away from animals."

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