The mysterious wallpaper that is blocking Xiaomi mobiles


Xiaomi Mi 9 users have detected that it exists a wallpaper which, rather mysteriously, blocks the terminal, forcing the user to delete all their data, reports Andro4All.

The alert was given by a Reddit user, who told how to install a wallpaper, "the screen continues turning on and off. When you do this, it vibrates twice. After 5-6 times of doing this, a loading screen appears and gives me 3 options: restart (the same thing happens), delete the data and connect to MIAssistant ”.

Other users told similar experiences. In most cases, the only solution is to erase all data from the Xiaomi, and lose the information we store

According Andro4All it could be a mistake of MIUI 11, but in the meantime, it is best not to install that wallpaper.

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