The new WhatsApp update will prevent you from being added to group chats


It is the dream of many: You can now avoid being added to a WhatsApp group without your permission, from now on the courier will consult you before.

The new option prevents those who want to join a chat group can do it without a previous invitation and thus avoid problems that may cause you to be in an unwanted conversation.

To activate it you just have to go to the settings of Whatsapp, enter ‘Account’ and then ‘Privacy’. There appears the new section ‘Groups’, in which you can choose between ‘All’, ‘My contacts’ or ‘My contacts, except …’.

WhatsApp includes in its latest beta the function of programming messages that self-destruct

Thus, group administrators who cannot add you to a chat group will have the option to send the user an invitation by private message.

A great step for all those who are uncomfortable with WhatsApp groups: you will avoid conversations with people you don't know about anything and millions of messages and notifications accumulated in the application – although we could already silence a group, so that it bothers us less.

Now you will not always be 'unfriendly' when you leave the groups as soon as you add. And it is also a plus for your privacy: that way nobody you don't want will have your phone number.

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