The peculiar video game (not 'fake') in which you embody Jesus Christ


Some projects baffle and fascinate at the same time. Discover the existence of a simulation video game centered on the figure of Jesus Christ and where you can heal the sick, work miracles and face the devil arouses that double sensation. I am Jesus Christ will arrive in 2020, on a date yet to be defined, and will be available for PC through the Steam platform.

For its atypical theme in the entertainment channel, the trailer suggests by default that it is a fake and of a joke, although it is a real proposalpowered by SimulaM and the Polish company PlayWay. His viewing suggests that, although it seems respectful, the video game can generate susceptibilities, to which it is added that due to its shocking nature it constitutes at the same time a potential source of ‘memes’.

Promotional images, which have not gone unnoticed in networks, show how the son of God heals an old woman (Draws attention to the sidebar with an allusive heart to power), mitigate the hunger of a poor man who fills the bucket of fish and calm the sea and the wind in storm. The video also includes a crucifixion fragment and in its closing highlights the Resurrection with the moment of the opening of the sepulcher.

In Steam also appears an image of the video game next to the apostles
A picture of the video game with the apostles also appears on Steam

The purpose of the video game, in which facts are accompanied by their corresponding biblical references, is to try to save and give hope to men as Jesus Christ did and, in short, to feel in first person the life he led among us.

More than 30 miracles

As specified in Steam, the simulation takes place in an open world and the player has special abilities, You can get the power of the Holy Spirit and perform more than 30 miracles. Regarding the confrontation with the devil in the desert, his realism stands out.

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